What Is SEO and How Can it Help Your Business?

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is an essential marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes.  In today’s modern age, the internet is for entertainment, but increasingly users are turning to it to find companies, verify their legitimacy, and ultimately use it as a sign of trustworthiness.

The higher your business shows up in the rankings for popular and relevant searches, the more likely users are to click on it and trust it as a reliable business.

“If you’re looking to create long-term brand awareness, expand your target audiences, and earn more revenue, then search engine optimization is crucial.”

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It is estimated that the first page of results for any given query receives clicks from 94% of users, with the second page and beyond sharing the remaining 6%.

This means that, unless your business is on the first page of results, you are missing out on a majority of your potential customers.

What would a 94% increase in your customer base do for your business’ success?

How Many Types of SEO Are There?

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There are three main types of SEO that can help your business succeed even in difficult markets. When you work with Ileana Kane, you’ll enjoy a well-rounded, holistic SEO strategy that uses each of these three branches of thought.

There is on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

On-page SEO is the optimization of your website, which encompasses everything from loading speed to how your content is laid out for the best user experience.

Off-page SEO details how other websites interact with your website, including outreach to blog owners to secure high-quality backlinks to strengthen your website’s metrics, and syndicating citations to ensure a more secure Maps listing.

Technical SEO deals with the nitty-gritty of algorithmic shifts and helps your website stay afloat even while Google changes around what they are or are not rewarding for your top queries.

By combining these three methodologies into a single comprehensive, all-inclusive online marketing campaign, your business achieves the results it needs to succeed.

Get started today; contact us for a free quote.

Turning Traffic into Revenue

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Too many SEO companies focus solely on traffic, and not enough on the revenue that traffic brings in. While increasing traffic numbers might be exciting at first, it can quickly become apparent if those numbers don’t convert.

Your potential customers need to find you for relevant search queries, in the part of your funnel that is relevant to their needs at the time.

If this user intent doesn’t match up, then that traffic might click onto your ranking page; but they are less likely to convert than someone who is looking for exactly what you have to offer, where you have to offer it.

At Ileana Kane Marketing, we help your business acquire new cold traffic, but we don’t stop there. We gain traffic for the search queries that matter, helping you achieve ranking results that turn traffic into revenue for your business.

Learn About Optimizing Your Website

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Everyone has an opinion about how your website should be optimized, whether it’s your web developer or your business coach.

The problem is, Google is constantly tweaking what it favors in on-page elements, and the elements that achieve ranking can vary from topic to topic.  

It’s time to leave the guesswork out. The search results already give you an answer for what elements are rewarded on the first page, so why would you leave anything up to chance?

We take a data-driven approach to on-site SEO optimization, researching the query for what users are looking for and what Google is currently rewarding in your space.

Beyond that, we’ll also help you understand some of the most common optimizations that benefit sites the most, so your team can learn why these changes are being implemented, and how it affects your ranking and site authority.

How Do I Hire a Professional SEO Services Company

When you first start working with Ileana Kane Marketing, you’ll first need a comprehensive consultation before any work begins.

What’s the benefit of this?

Since every marketing campaign is a little different, it allows you to ask any questions you have up-front. Additionally, this will allow us to familiarize ourselves with your offering, your services, and your business so that we can tailor the campaign to your branding as closely as possible.

From there, we’ll discuss where your site is current, and what success means to your business, giving us a starting point and a goal to strive for in the campaign, and informing us what metrics need to be tracked along the way.

To hire us as your professional SEO services company, simply fill out the form on the Contact Us page, and we’ll get in touch to talk about the next steps.

What Do SEO Consultants Do?

At Ileana Kane Marketing, you’ll enjoy the services of professional SEO consulting alongside your marketing campaign.

These consultants are experts in the field and understand the overall strategy and how Google interacts with sites across the web. This provides you a space to ask the questions you might have about the campaign or help you devise a path forward for new business ventures and projects.

Overall, SEO consultants are there to provide peace of mind and shed light on any technical aspects of the campaign.

Whether you have a specific problem you’re looking to solve, or you’re curious about the process, an SEO consultant is beneficial to have on your side.

After your consulting call, SEO consultants are often the ones who implement the overall strategy to support your brand and promote products and site offerings in search.

Proven, Professional SEO Services at Your Fingertips

When choosing any marketing channel, the success must be sustainable; gambling for flash-in-the-pan success can work, but it’s never going to provide the long-term results you need.

We work with tried-and-true marketing techniques, always staying refreshed on the latest algorithm shifts and ranking metrics to help your business compete in an ever-changing industry.

The methodology we use helps us establish a detailed marketing strategy for your website so that it can withstand algorithm shifts and maintain a competitive advantage in your market, no matter the season or average customer value.

When good marketing can mean the difference between expanding your business and closing the doors, why would you choose anything but the best?

It’s time for your business to see the success it deserves in your market.

At Ileana Kane Marketing, we provide proven, professional SEO services to help your business thrive. Each aspect of the marketing campaign will help inform the next steps or drive measurable results to your ranking pages.

Keyword Research Analysis, and Strategy

At the foundation of any online marketing campaign are keyword analysis, and strategy. It is with this that we can identify key areas of interest for ranking opportunities and truly dive into a data-driven strategy.

By analyzing your site’s current keywords, we can look at where you are in the search results currently, and what is necessary to bump you to the top of these results.

With new keyword opportunities, we can discover potential avenues of growth for your website across the internet. We can also determine if your site is currently serving user intent, or if we need to shift your content strategy in any way.

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Website Architecture

When it is attempting to rank your website for specific topics, Google interacts with your website in a very structured, specific way.

Every website needs to focus on a different aspect of its structure to establish authority for the area that will provide the best results.

Whether you need to establish more local relevancy to attract customers within a certain radius or re-design your navigational menu to help establish your site for a new topic, our team can help you optimize your website architecture.

We’ll help you establish a foolproof site hierarchy, complete with internal linking recommendations to ensure that crawlers see the queries your campaign is targeting for the best results.

Content Strategy and Optimization

Content is at the core of any brand strategy, and it’s important for ranking algorithms, as well.

Content not only helps establish what your brand is about, but how authoritative it is in the space, and how well it matches user intent for certain queries.

We’ll help you plan your business’ content strategy and optimize the content to better what the algorithm is rewarding for specific queries.
With the right content strategy, your business will thrive in any space, hitting the right metrics for the algorithm and engaging users in a way that meets their needs.

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Link Analysis

With professional link analysis, you can identify how your site is interacting with others across the web, as well as how internal links within your website interact with each other.

Link analysis is a foundational part of any good SEO campaign and can help you establish authority across the web.

This analysis also provides us with a bird’s eye view of where your on-and-off-site linking can be improved and where it excels, allowing us to build upon strong link connections and optimize others.

Monthly Reports

Monthly reporting is a great service that allows you to see exactly how your site has moved over the previous month for key performance metrics.

You’ll never be in the dark about how your website is performing again.

By keeping track of this data, we can see an overview of how your site is doing, and how the marketing campaign is affecting your ranking across the web.

Key performance metrics that are tracked in monthly reports may include the DR – or domain rating – of your overall site, the number of first page keywords, and how many calls your Google business listing received in the previous month.

Affordable SEO Services and Plans

Before you start any kind of online marketing, your revenue might not be optimal to be able to afford some of the higher-priced services and packages that you might find with other agencies. At Ileana Kane, we pride ourselves on providing affordable SEO services and plans to fit any marketing budget.

While larger budgets afford more resources and allow businesses to move forward at a faster and more competitive pace, it’s not necessary to see measurable benefits.

We are happy to devise the best path forward for any size budget to ensure that you get the most ROI from your marketing, allowing you to build your revenue to a point where you can afford a more aggressive or fast-paced marketing campaign.

Get in touch with our team today to see how your business can benefit from the marketing budget you have available.

Is SEO Worth it For Small Business?

SEO is one of the most effective marketing methods for small businesses. (2) For many people, it is considered an essential aspect of any business’s marketing, no matter if you are waiting for your revenue to stabilize, or if you’re already seeing some success.

Especially for local and seasonal businesses, SEO serves as a critical lifetime to establish potential leads in the off-season or develop relationships with a cold traffic audience before they need your services.

“if your website isn’t listed in these searches, you may be missing out on complete demographics or large audiences who would otherwise consider your business for their needs.”

Word-of-mouth marketing techniques are great at establishing your business between friends, but what about the rest of your potential customers who turn to the internet when looking for services? Without SEO, your business is invisible.

It’s time to break through the noise and establish your company as a competitive authority in the space once and for all, taking the spotlight on what your customers are searching for.

SEO Delivers Results

Through a unique blend of qualitative data-driven research and the three primary types of SEO all together in a single holistic campaign, your business can see results.

For many small businesses, a little bit of online marketing is the difference between closing their doors for good and achieving massive success, expanding their business, and giving them more vacation time with their families.

The benefits of a good and sustainable marketing channel go beyond profitability and ROI.

Don’t just take our word for it; see what consistent inbound leads look like for your company firsthand.

Are you ready to see how results-driven SEO services can benefit your business?

Get in touch with our team today to start a conversation about what success looks like to you.

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