Looking to hire a social media marketing agency in Chula Vista to head up your social media marketing?  These experts will go way beyond just placing a content post every so often. They will gain valuable understanding about potential clients then turn those insights to apply to a social media campaign that will be the driver for your sales.  A Social Media Manager knows where to access valuable content and create engaging posts surrounding that.

Before hiring someone to take charge of your business’s social media pages, it is essential to have a full understanding of what a Social Media Manager is to be responsible for and what to look for to find the right social media candidate.

Whether you have a network of growing social media channels or are looking to expand your social presence, there’s no denying that having a strong social media presence is nonnegotiable for modern-day businesses.

As the importance of social media marketing is increasing, the demand for social media marketing managers is growing too. If you’re looking to hire a social media marketing manager but don’t know what to look for in the right candidate, then read this guide.

Business owners don’t have enough time to write posts for their social media account. Therefore, hiring a social media manager becomes unavoidable. If you have a business in Chula Vista and need a social media marketing manager, then contact us. We can provide high-quality social media marketing services.

Let’s look into a few important considerations when hiring a social media marketing manager.

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1. Needs more than just experience using social media

First of all, you need to know when to hire a social media marketing manager. As a thriving business, you shouldn’t allow your social media network to collect dust over time. If you’re facing difficulty in generating leads and queries are lying unanswered in your inbox, then it’s time to hire a social media marketing manager.

The right candidate should be more than a mere social media user. If someone spends 5 hours scrolling their timeline, it doesn’t mean he/she is qualified for the post of social media marketing.

The right person should be skilled and experienced enough to create content for your Chula Vista business’ social media accounts and develop a content calendar. This person should also have the ability to devise a strategy and have the knowledge to answer customer queries the right way.

When hiring a social media marketing manager, ensure that he/she is experienced with the following skills:

●       Can adapt to the brand’s voice

Your brand’s social media presence should align with your brand’s tone. If your social media manager isn’t following your brand’s voice, then it will confuse the audience, and the message will not be clear.

When hiring a social media marketing manager, ensure that he/she can adapt to your brand’s voice quickly. If that person works for multiple brands, then he/she should be able to switch between different tones effectively.

Make sure that the right candidate is experienced enough to connect with your ideal audience effectively.

●       Proficient at handling several social media accounts

Today, brands leverage all social media platforms and try to build their presence across all sites. Don’t look for a candidate that can handle a particular social media platform only, but he/she must be proficient at managing all social media accounts.

At its core, all social media platforms are more or less the same. However, some platforms work differently than others. Therefore, hire an individual who’s well-versed with all social media networks.

The right person should know about social media management tools. Such tools increase the productivity of a social media manager.

If you own a brand in the area, then hire our Chula Vista based social media marketing services to manage your social media accounts.

●       Committed to collaboration

The ideal candidate must be committed to collaboration. Regardless of whether he/she comes to the office or works remotely, commitment to collaborate is a must. The ideal candidate should be willing to collaborate with the marketing team. He/she should share/collect insights with the business owner or the person in charge as well as the marketing team.

The candidate should be familiar with professional communication tools. If he/she is familiar with tools like Trello and Slack, it shows that he/she has collaborated with the previous team successfully.

●       Copywriting

Copywriting is a key skill required in a social media marketing manager. Copywriting helps to craft emotion-evoking profile descriptions, posts, and tweets. 

If you seek high engagement on your social media posts, then copywriting is a must. Without copywriting skills, a social media manager can’t fit captivating stories into social media posts, which plays a crucial role in generating engagement & clicks on the posts.

While hiring a social media marketing manager, make sure that the candidate possesses the copywriting skills. Ask for a portfolio to assess his/her skills.

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2. Managers who understand the analytics

Here, the term ‘analytics’ serves a wide purpose and refers to both social media metrics & business metrics. Social media metrics include likes, comments, shares, etc. Business metrics include leads, clicks, conversions, and revenue.

An ideal social media marketing has knowledge of both types of metrics. With an understanding of both types of metrics, a manager can tie them together to provide a perspective of the brand’s social media performance against other goals.

The right candidate for the post of your social media manager can unearth hidden metrics. He/she should be able to learn the ins & outs of analytics and must determine the strengths and weaknesses of your social media marketing effort.

Let’s say your business objective is to transmit your social media audience to your website for sales, and you’re successful in this effort; it will help your team to understand what kind of content is delivering results.

Reading and interpreting data is a must-have skill for social media managers. If a candidate understands the metrics, he/she may be a good fit for the post.

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3. They need to have people and PR skills

Social media managers should be very proficient at handling people and public relations in general. Without strong PR skills, a social media manager can’t collaborate with people around him/her. Besides, PR skills are critical to the overall success of a social media manager.

PR is a very controlled process that requires a social media manager to determine which information should be spread and which should be controlled.

One part of Public Relations requires a manager to engage with the brand’s audience the right way. At its core, social media platforms are a communication channel. If a social manager isn’t great at communication and building relations, then he/she can’t use the platform proficiently.

A social media manager needs people and to work with people, public relation skills are crucial. Being at the forefront of your social media channels, social media managers should be able to drop the news of what’s going on at the brand. Public relation skills help social media managers to engage and communicate with the audience efficiently and handle the social media crisis.

At any moment, a brand can face a social media crisis. To handle a social media crisis, PR skills work as your primary weapon. Having a social media manager without PR skills worsens the crisis. Therefore, make sure that you hire a social media marketing manager who can work with people and hold PR skills as well.

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4. Know the most important metrics to monitor

We all know end-of-month reporting. However, social media marketing managers regularly look at the data and find helpful insights. Their job is to do this each week of the day. Without monitoring the analytics and finding insights from the data, a social media manager can’t perform efficiently.

Today, both qualitative & quantitative data analysis skills are essential for social media managers. Since the importance of social listening is increasing, the data analysis skills are becoming even more relevant.

Preparing reports on your social media performance is important, but learning from the reports is even more important. Monitoring the key metrics help managers to identify the trends, recommend improvements, and make a plan of action.

The right candidate should be able to isolate the key metrics and monitor them over time to determine the performance.

5. Ability to understand behavioral psychology

A social media manager should have this vital skill in understanding the behaviors of the audience. Having an understanding of behavioral psychology, a social media manager can monitor and measure analytics in a better way.

It helps to know what type of posts perform well and why the audience is attracted to a certain type of content. After understanding these actions of the audience, managers can identify the trends and implement those trends effectively to repeat success.

When managers know the ‘what,’ they can spot the way of behaving of a certain segment of the audience. When managers know the ‘why,’ they can understand the underlying reason of certain actions.

The right candidate should have an understanding of habits of consumer psychology. However, it doesn’t mean that he/she needs to have a degree in psychology. If a person is keen to learn & understand the behavioral psychology, he/she can learn it easily.

Make sure that you look for a social media manager with a reasonable understanding of people’s actions.  

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